Alana was conceived with a sperm donation from Valley Cryobank in Los Angeles, CA.

Alana was conceived at Valley Cryobank in Los Angeles, CA. The information Alana has about her donor is as follows:

Alana writes:

I was conceived in a clinic in El Paso, TX, with frozen sperm from LA.

I am in the process of procuring funds to begin shooting a film I wrote entitled "Adam and Eva" in tribute to my biological father. I not only wrote the script, but will be co-producing, acting the lead, and scoring all the music.

I most identify as a vocal artist, but I compose and play almost every instrument on my album including guitar, piano, vibes, calimba, percussion... My recently recorded album has cultivated some major success. My music is on the radio in at least 10 states and four countries. I've toured most of North America, Sweden and Iceland.

I have knack for languages, especially Slavic languages -- as well as accent mimicry. I'm very interested in Scandinavian languages. In high school I was captain of the cheer team, a talented gymnast, dancer and soccer player.

Gifted drawer/designer. Almost became an art director for advertising. Gifted writer/storyteller. In the process of receiving grant awards for upcoming book on my experiences as donor offspring and egg donor. Class clown. Self-deprecating humor. Test scores in analogical reasoning especially high -- no one else in my family shares this.

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