Juliet was conceived by artificial insemination at a clinic in Weymouth Street, London.


Juliet is a music teacher living in the south of England. Her mother is Thai and came over to England to study when she was in her early twenties. In 1979 she underwent artificial insemination at a clinic in Weymouth Street (adjacent to Harley Street) in Central London and Juliet was born in September of that year. The doctor who carried out the procedure was a Dr Bridgett Mason. Juliet's biological father was probably a medical student or doctor at a London hospital at the time, however, this is all that Juliet knows.

Juliet is close to her mother's side of the family, and regularly travels to Thailand to visit her four aunties and five uncles and their families. However, she still feels a longing to know about her biological father and that side of her background. She often thinks about what sort of person he might be.

Juliet has a passion for music, and was educated at one of the leading music schools between the ages of 9 and 18. She was trained to play classical violin and piano, but also enjoys playing other types of music. She wonders where her musicality came from, as she also does her brown hair!

Juliet wishes to stress that she is happy, in a long term relationship and financially secure. She does desire to know her father, but feels that she could be fulfilled by finding out some basic facts about him or seeing a photograph.

If you have any information that could help, please email Juliet at juliet3132@yahoo.co.uk.