Lindsay was conceived in 1984 from anonymous sperm donor 2035 from Xytex Corporation in Augusta, Georgia.

Lindsay was born on January 31, 1985 in Northeast Ohio. She was conceived on May 24, 1984 from anonymous sperm donor 2035 from Xytex Corporation in Augusta, Georgia. Lindsay’s mother was a single mom and she has known she was donor-conceived all her life, but did not start searching until age 18. She has two half-sisters, born to her mother and adoptive father. After five years of searching, she finally found her donor number in early 2008. All she knows of donor 2035, was that he was:

Lindsay has dark brown thick curly hair and blue-green eyes. She’s 5’3” tall, with an athletic build, and medium/olive complexion with freckles. She looks very much like her mother and their Armenian family, but there are other physical and personality traits that Lindsay wishes she knew where they came from.

Lindsay has always been fascinated by science, first dreaming of being an astronaut and then a doctor. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, hoping to work as a Medical Librarian. She believes that her donor was possibly in the scientific/medical field, as her mother has no aptitude for science at all.

Her academic interests are in genetics and psychopathology, and she’s a voracious reader as well. She also loves animals, kids, and traveling. Lindsay is a typical ENFP personality, and loves to talk.

Lindsay is not looking for another dad or money, but only answers to the questions about herself and her heritage. She would love to build a relationship with her biological father, but would never intrude if he did not want that. At the very least she would like updated medical history, since she has had chronic stomach problems since she was a toddler that have not responded to treatment.

She is also desperately hoping to find half-siblings. She has gone through several DNA tests with donors and possible siblings, but they all came back negative. If you think that you could be Lindsay’s half-sibling, or if you are Xytex donor 2035, or if his description sounds like someone you know, please contact her at

Lindsay also currently authors a blog entitled "Confessions of a Cryokid", which has even more information on her and her story.