Lucy was conceived by donor sperm in London in 1986.

Lucy was conceived by sperm donor in London in 1986. The clinic was that of Dr Carruthers at 55 Wimpole Street. Previously the clinic was based in Harley Street.

Lucy writes:

One of the reasons I'd had suspicions about my heritage was that my siblings are quite fair compared to me. I don't think I look like anyone in my family!

More than anything, I'd just like to see who I take after. I've always looked so different to the rest of my family and I think that's what has always bothered me the most, looking in the mirror and not knowing who I look like.

I love music, walking, reading and arts & crafts although I may get my artistic side from my mum!

I am 5'4 and have dark brown eyes and hair. I have always been told I don't look like I'm "fully English" - whatever that means!

Initially, I was more interested in finding my donor than any half-siblings I may have, but I think im intrigued about both now.

If I did find the donor or any siblings, I'd just like to know more about them and see if we look alike.

Lucy is registered with UK DonorLink.