Lynne was conceived by sperm donor in Dr. Sylvester Trythall's office in Detroit, Michigan.

Lynne was born July 1957, having been conceived in Dr. Sylvester Trythall's office in Detroit, Michigan. His assistant was Nada Davidovich.

Her parents were told that the donor was a medical student, so he probably graduated from Wayne State University Medical School and remained in the Detroit area for his residency. Lynne's sister was born in April 1960.

Lynne's details:

Lynne would like to be able to know who her donor is, and especially to know the ethnic background and family medical history. She is not looking for a father or any financial gain and does not want to interfere in anyone's current life. She is looking for the missing pieces of her identity and would like to meet the donor if he is open to that.

She has provided her DNA to CaBRI for testing and matching with the donor or other relatives, as well as 23andme.

Lynne is the author of Sperm Donor Offspring: Identity and Other Experiences, a study of common themes in the experience of sperm donor offspring.