Narelle was conceived by "sperm donation" at Prince Henry's, Melbourne, Australia.

Narelle sadly passed away in 2013 shortly after discovering the identity of her sperm donor father. This page is left as a tribute to her strength and dedication to helping donor conceived people throughout the world.

Narelle lived in Melbourne, Australia. She was a Social Worker working in Foster Care and intended to one day work in support and advocacy for donor-conceived people.

Narelle was conceived by "sperm donation" at Prince Henry's and was born in September 1982. Her donor code is T5. Narelle had 8 half siblings as a result of her biological father's donations. They were all born between 1982 and 1985.

Narelle enjoyed singing and had lessons since she was 6 years old. She was a very passionate person and lived with friends in inner Melbourne. She loved trying new food and eating out. Narelle was interested in reiki and other alternative therapies. She travelled to Malta to see some of her relatives and to other places in Europe including the UK, meeting with other donor conceived people.

She found out about her donor-conceived status when she was 15 and searched for information and her father ever since. Narelle felt as though knowing more about her father would help her personally a great deal. She did not wish to replace her dad who raised her, and was not after any kind of material or monetary gain.

She was curious about whether her father shared her interests in music, food, travel and other things. She wanted to see if they shared physical and/or personality traits.

Narelle started a Yahoo group for Aussies searching for DC relatives:

Narelle was a tireless campaigner for the rights of donor conceived people and we will miss her.