Victoria was conceived via artificial insemination with donor sperm in Chicago, Illinois in September 1942.


Victoria was conceived via artificial insemination with donor sperm in Chicago, Illinois in September 1942. She was born at Cook County Hospital in Chicago on June 22 1943. Her origins were never revealed to her by her parents but she overheard her maternal grandparents discussing that she was conceived by artificial insemination when she was about nine years old. She didn't start her search until after the death of her "adoptive" father in 2003. By that time the doctor had also passed away but she contacted his son who agreed to have a DNA match done to see if his father might have been the sperm donor. This turned out to be negative. The doctor's name was Jack Hoffman.

Vicki would like to know if she has any living half siblings or if anyone has any information about her biological father. It seems most likely that he was a medical student, intern or resident at Cook County Hospital in 1942. One detail is that Vicki has brown eyes and both her mother and adoptive father had very blue eyes. It seems like the doctor would have tried to find a donor with blue eyes one of the reasons she suspected the doctor might have been the donor. The doctor also had brown eyes. Her blood type is B positive.

Vicki lived in Turkey for 13 years in the 1960's and 70's and has 4 sons 2 of whom are her biological children, one a stepson and one a foster son from Vietnam. She has six grandchildren. The whole family would like to know the medical history of her biological father.

Vicki has had 2 melanomas and also has prosolpagnosia, (face blindness). This is thought to be a genetic brain dis-function wherein the affected person cannot differentiate faces. This can cause difficulties when you run a business, as old customers like to be recognized and that is difficult to do with this affliction. Genetically most people with this trait are from Northern Europe. She has worked as a professional picture framer and a US Coast Guard licensed captain of a 43' catamaran running charters in the Florida Keys and lived on sail boats cruising the Caribbean and US coastal waters.

Vicki has a good sense of humor, loves dogs and horses, is good at languages - speaks fluent Turkish, and is a politically a liberal, although raised by 2 conservative Republicans. If anyone knows anything about artificial insemination at Cook County Hospital or anywhere in Chicago during the 1940's and 50's or has any information about doctors connected to Dr. Hoffman it would so good to hear from you. Please email